The Evolution of MELOMAKEUP

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AS you may notice, it has been a serious minute since I’ve been featuring my beauty game here.

I once vowed to no more tutorials, and that’s not because I don’t think they’re fun or useful, it is because I couldn’t find the authenticity behind it. As the makeup game changed, my feelings towards the industry did too. Let me explain…

Beauty runs in my blood. Makeup is my art. When I have a brush in hand, the world literally stops. Time doesn’t exist. My mind body connection is so powerful, I zone out and create. The reason I got into this world, in the first place was to empower women. You see, when I glam a client up, my goal is to make you feel incredible. Something different and really let you see yourself, and how perfect you are. Makeup is an art – to create and to enhance. This has not changed for me.

But I was trying to find the right direction and how to express my genuine passion and continue to build my skillset – in a way that can be me. I think at some point we realize we are all creators and artists of life, finding out spark is the journey. As I’ve grown up in beauty, (as you know I started as an infant in the industry); for me to serve my clients as an artist, I had to really look at who I am. As much as there is something incredibly fun and satisfying watching a contour, bake, lash application – I tried to find my true voice in beauty. Working for various brands, and the rise of InstGLAM makeup – I couldn’t help but feeling a bit discouraged when a client wanted to try her fave youtuber’s highlighter only walking away feeling worse because it ‘enhanced’ her “wrinkles”. I want to be clear – you can rock glitter head-to-toe, there is ABSOLUTELY NO rules in beauty, as it’s an expression. But there is where I had to learn what makeup and beauty aspects were genuine to me. There are trends that I am not drawn to, much like fashion. NOTHING is right or wrong, it’s only what we place meaning to. So back to client’s like mentioned above, I felt I just couldn’t serve properly until I figured out myself. If I touch your face with a brush, I want it to feel magical – so you can see your big beautiful eyes, or incredible cheekbones – not to walk away feeling unsure about makeup altogether. I learned through asking these clients, why do you want to try this? Most answers included “I don’t know, my daughter told me I need it…”; “I want to look beautiful”; “I want to look like THAT!”…. it wasn’t clear exactly, but I can tell you coming from the days of Bobbi Brown – when women used to come to me, they were focused on themselves. “Can you make my eyes pop?”; “Can you enhance my lips?”. I felt we shifted from looking at ourselves for beauty to looking at the outer world for it. (And BTW disclaimer: This is MY experience. And I am not putting blame on anyone or anything for this shift I experienced, as with technological growth – it’s inevitable. We have always been bombarded with ‘beauty standards’.) 

Like asking my clients, I had to ask myself – what do I really want do with my art and skillset?

I am a teacher. This is truth. My gift of speech is something I am grateful for. When I am educating and connecting with women, I really can’t explain to you – that it is my most comforting place. It’s almost as if, it’s not me speaking, or teaching. It’s like the higher part of me is somehow finding a way to convey what my clients want to learn – and in a language they speak.

I have grown so much. And through discovery, I even left beauty for a bit. Only to find myself back here, realizing it’s in my DNA. But through this adventure, and understanding this remarkable connection and standstill in time/space comes from that mind & body connection = which leads me to my soul purpose. My soul has guided me to other adventures too…for instance did you know I was a love coach

Relationships – as a teacher, as an artist with a client requires the same things as my coaching business. Authenticity. I need to be able to grow and understand myself and why I do what I do in order to serve my clients in both avenues. I’ve learned to take care of my body after having a severe health scare in my 20s. I practice mindfulness so I can hear what my inner being needs and when I need to get lost in time and space, I jump on my yoga mat.

The evolution for me, is understanding the beauty is forever – like love. And makeup is a meditative for me like yoga.

This is why – I’m creating in new ways. Not just contour and lashes, but ingredients that help fuel inner beauty, energy and radiance. I love makeup. I love yoga. I feel the most beautiful when I have a brush in hand, or I’m on the mat.

I love people, and connection. This is why I choose to help serve others in learning how to master love, their true nature. And like with makeup, I teach people how to express their creative fire, enhancing and loving their features.

I will continue to evolve, and I know now, more than ever…I cannot leave this life of beauty. It’s who I am.

In conclusion, beauty is eternal and makeup is an art. Create whatever feels GOOD to you. Start by looking at what you LOVE in yourself and embrace that. Passion always fuels confidence.


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