no more “tutorials”

I took a hot minute off the gram and suddenly everyone just slides into my DM to ask….

“when’s the next video?”

So I really truly appreciate everyone that supported my “social relevance adventure”- as I tried to fit in with the mainstream of MUA’s on the world wide web. But- it just wasn’t for me. And I’ll explain why…

As fun as it is to create content and snap a pic, watch the likes and read the comments- it’s not why I began makeup at all. I never used to use myself as the model, because I became a makeup artist for one reason, and one reason only. To make women feel good. If you’ve worked with me one on one, you know that I’m genuinely authentic about enhancing natural features, instead of concealing or rearranging by contour the face. That’s NOT to say I don’t love these techniques to feel extra glam here and there. But something just didn’t sit right, every time I kept trying to “keep up” in social land (because it’s seriously a full time job to post a video on youtube, instagram pic a day, and stories throughout)
MADD RESPECT & SHOUT OUT TO THE INFLUENCERS/YOUTUBERS/BEAUTY GURUS! Seriously – its a full time, around the clock gig. And that’s just not me. It consumed me. And I am such a PROUD person when it comes to my work; I need to be completely fulfilled and I put my whole soul into any project I start. But to put that much energy into something that never felt right, was honestly…soul crushing (to the point of not feeling inspired in my field AT ALL!)

I’m honestly a very private person and somehow I felt invaded by posting but felt I “had to” do it be relevant in the scene. So I took a step back…
and I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! so bizarre, but I started living my life again – doing things I absolutely LOVE for ME and not feeling I needed to share anything about it.

so here’s the thing, I’m back grammin’ here and there. but I am only posting what I am inspired to, and sorry to disappoint – but it will be AU naturel only looks, or products I truly believe in and can help others. I want my clients to feel and look their very best and like themselves…. so if they are ok with me posting that …then I surely will showcase it!

I hope no one takes this the wrong way, I love seeing looks by other artists and everyone is going to have their thing! I also fully appreciate completely themed feeds – but for now, I’m going to just post …whenever, of whatever….(but probably my cat mostly) , we shall see!

On that note – I have started a project that I am incredible passionate about and completely fulfills me in the same way EXACTLY that make up does…to make women feel good. Stay tuned for that ❤




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