fashion / lifestyle

my side piece (aka. my hobby, turned into my new business!)

do you ever just have an outfit in mind that you cannot find anywhere? even pinterest lets you down and the clothes, shoes and accessories (Especially accessories…) in stores never seem to be what you want?

…well that’s me. so my whole life, I actually have dabbled into designing, sewing and making clothes. once in a while, nothing too crazy – usually dresses or summer wear. so this year when I revamped my closet, I realized I needed NOTHING MORE. but when I cleaned out my jewelry box… i had to do something about my statement pieces, especially earrings.

So voila! I started designing, making and wearing my *NEW* tassel drop earrings. the reaction from people around me was overwhelming (in a GREAT way!) people wanted their own pair. so without further adeau…I present, MELYBU88 Tassel Drops. Designed, Handcrafted, all here in Toronto, by yours truly!

Want your own pair? Click here !

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