flawless makeup starts here

There is one tip and one tip only that will always make your makeup look flawless. 

It starts with skin! That’s right, no makeup will ever sit right if you don’t have hydrated fresh skin to play with. 

I like to consult with my brides 3-6 months to understand their needs so that I can understand if they need more than just a makeup application. 

Typically, to whip your skin into shape, you’ll need to invest money AND maintain over time. 

I recommend a daily routine to cater to your needs, a weekly treatment to maintain:


  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Eye cream
  • Serum 
  • Mask


These are my basics. From there on you can add the rest! 

Bridal routine:

6 months prior– get your skin analyzed by a professional to understand if you require more in depth treatments . 

Start a routine. Find the right products. Sample. Find out what doesn’t work and what does. 

Mask. Mask. Mask. – This is a target instant treatment and I recommend a hydration one, even if it’s just leading up to the big day. You want the plumpest, hydrated, smoothest skin possible!!!!!

What are your skincare MUSTHAVES?


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