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weekend makeup look

as a makeup artist – working on faces day in and day out, I become too exhausted sometimes to do my own! I’ll never get tired of glammin’ others but for some reason, when it comes to my own face- I like to go au natural…especially when I’m off duty!

with that being said, I hate my scarring and dark circles…which is why I’ll never go bare throughout the day of running errands or meeting friends for lunch. sorry, i just CANT. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

the best beauty invention EVER probably has to be the evolution of BB & CC creams! these magical potions correct, hydrate, protect and CONCEAL. what else would you want for an all in one?😍

MY fave CC cream right now is none other than LISE WATIER’S! It has 4 incredible shades that are so neutral they cut any red, sallow, or pigmentation in the skin, while melting in and perfecting. On it’s own, its FAB but you can partner this with your fave products to have the ultimate complexion. My new fave trick is to pair with a cushion foundation. Cushion foundations come in all types of finishes but essentially, they all have one thing in common – they finish the skin and leave a beautiful covered, yet natural finish. Combining these 2 leaves my skin looking like skin, but perfect and concealed at the same DAMN TIME! *said in Future voice*😏😎

Besides the complexion – others must haves are a cream, liquid or cushion blush. you need to add back some color after concealing, so something that is subtle with a little glow is the perfect touch! most cream or liquid blushes are multi-functional, so they can be used on the lips as well..BONUS!

I like to find tinted balms and glosses with a subtle pop of color. There are actually a ton on the market that make it super easy for you—by reading the pH in your lips, and adapting to create your own perfect hue. (I’ve talked about them before -as I’m utterly obsessed with the Dior Lipglow…)πŸ’„

Lastly, you want to groom the brows. Because this is an “undone” “natural” makeup look, creating super sculpted brows can contrast with the rest of the look…so opt for a brow gel or light brown and lightly groom. Voila!

You can see my go-to look in action here!

Products in the Video (All Lise Watier)

  • Moisturizer- Β Age Control Sublime
  • Primer – Rose Lilas w/ Diamond Lumiere Compelex
  • Undereye -Concealed with portfolio
  • Base – CC Cream – Medium (applied with a damp beauty blender. Although you can use your hands, the sponge gives an incredible coverage when stippled all over)
  • Base – Diamond Lumiere Cushion Foundation – Dore (use the sponge applicator it comes with for optimal coverage!)
  • Cheeks – Rose cushion blush
  • Brow – double perfection lift & fill brow duo
  • Gloss – magic lip

What are your “au natural” beauty faves?


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