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correcting 101

so color correcting has SUDDENLY become hype. but i’m going to tell you a little secret…

it’s nothing new! our job as makeup artists are to correct and perfect, so naturally we’ve done this since…well…the beginning of time. we paint faces and our very first lesson was color theory. like a hair stylist, WE DUN play around when it comes to color theory!

and you shouldn’t either.

listen, you can pack on the fullest coverage foundation but i’m telling you honey, it’s still going to come through. and if it doesn’t, it won’t be too flattering up close and in person. so save yourself the time & struggle, and color correct first!

It amazes me the beauty products we have today to really get the job done in minimal time! color correct products come in all types of formulas, but like a foundation – you need to find the right one for YOU. please skip the red or orange lipstick under the eyes, because…well, that’s just STUPID for every day.

How to find the perfect color corrector for you.

  1. First, address you color correcting needs – color that you want to cancel + how much you need
  2. Second, find your formula:
    Primer – for an all over mild correction
    Stick – spot/area treatment in speedy time
    Cream – spot/ area treatment (may require more blending time)
    Powder- to set or finish
  3. Third – you’ll need to pair a color corrector with a conceal (if under eye or on a blend) OR foundation/cc cream/bb cream/tinted moisturizer (if a primer form or for an overall finish)

Understand, this cuts the color so that your steps are less time consuming. It doesn’t mean it’s an all in one fixer, but it’s certainly going to improve your application and overall finish.

Understanding color theory:
To correct, means to counteract. If you know nothing about color theory, reference below for a general guide (VIA PINTEREST). The color across from one another when paired (or mixed) neutralize each other…therefore counteracting any unwanted pigments.


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