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…More Holiday classics

I am NOT yet over the “glowy” skin trend. I think this is forever timeless. HOWEVER, I am over seeing glistening strips of shimmer from a mile away….yes ladies, some of you are overdoing your champagne pop 😐

Dont get me wrong, I love BECCA cosmetics – but I always have to school my clients on finding the perfect highlighter… not everyone suits the same shade. I’ve recently discovered Laura Mercier’s Matte Radiance powder…and let me tell you, I’ve yet to use it on a client and it NOT work!lauramercier_001matteradiance002

This is truly the best of both worlds- matte, yet radiant. So what kind of look do you get with this? It’s simple. It’s natural. It’s classic.

You can adjust and build it up to a more pop…..if you must!
Other classics for me:
Dior Rouge #999 Lipstick- This classic Dior red seems to work on everyone, and every time I wear it I get asked what I’m wearing.
Dior Skin Forever Perfect Foundation #40 (Matte/Satin finish) This is a lightweight, yet medium coverage. It also does NOT MOVE. Stays in put from the am – pm, so again; great for holiday functions. And of course…….

My beloved Burberry Liquid Liner …posted here

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